Weekly Word May 3, 2020

“I don’t think of all the misery, but all of the beauty that still remains.” – Anne Frank

Dear Parents,

As always, I hope you are all healthy, doing well and maybe even enjoying a slower pace of life. I know it can be frustrating and a hardship but don’t forget there are some blessings attached as well – you are developing relationships with your kids that may have taken years to happen or may not have happened at all. Perhaps the kids are seeing you differently as well. You really are their heroes and role models – keeping them safe, healthy, happy and making the best of what could be a disaster.

I see them in “class” each day with a sparkle still in their eyes and laughing with one another. These are difficult times for all of us but I believe the kids are staying positive and strong – they’ll be fine. Did I mention I also see lots of “bed heads” and mischief in some of their eyes?

Mrs. Endres is very excited about the Open National Field Day competition taking place this Friday, May 8th. She has signed Assumption School up to compete and she has high hopes that we can win this contest! It’s a family event and should be fun for all of us. She has sent along all the information and instructions you’ll need and she has spoken to all the kids about it during their “meets”. There will be no online classes on Friday, May 8th – I guess you could call it a day off in hopes we will bring home the prize!
Fr. John will start the day for us by saying Mass for all Assumption kids and families at 9 AM. Please join us at https://assumptionparish.org/ to view the Mass.
Stay well, be strong and be kind,


Students can pair their favorite Bluetooth headsets with their Chromebooks.

Tip: Dell Chromebooks can be paired with Bluetooth headsets, such as AirPods and Samsung Buds. Follow the instructions at:



Click on the link below to follow the National Field Day torch across the country starting May 3rd:


To view the Opening Ceremonies on 5/7 at 7:30 pm click on the link below:


To see Field Day activities in action click on the link below:

Also attached is Virtual Field Day Packet Information!