Technical Support

Technical Support

  • Technical support can be obtained by emailing:
  • Questions regarding specific assignments or homework should be referred to the teacher, via Classroom or e-mail. A list of teacher email addresses can be found here


Transporting a Chromebook

  • Students are responsible for safely transporting their assigned laptop to and from the school
  • It is highly recommended that students:
    • Use a reliable and padded case
    • Secure the laptop from movement during transportation
    • If using a backpack or bag, do not over pack the bag, placing undue pressure on the device, this is a common reason to why LCD screens crack
    • Treat your backpack or bag with care


Using an Assumption issued Chromebook at home


Charging your Chromebook

  • Each student will be responsible to ensure their Chromebook is fully charged prior to arriving at school


Cleaning and disinfecting a Chromebook


You will need some bleach-free disinfectant wipes or a solution of 40 percent rubbing alcohol and 60 percent distilled water. Using full-strength rubbing alcohol can damage the coating that helps to keep smudges off the screen. You will also need a couple of microfiber cloths or any cleaning cloths that are linen free. Finally, a can of compressed air is optional if you want to remove any dust that might be hiding in your Chromebook but this step isn’t necessary for disinfecting purposes.

Harsh cleaning supplies like bleach should NEVER be used on your electronics since they can also damage the screen and other parts of your Chromebook. Also, avoid any abrasive cleaning brushes or cleaning pads that might scratch the surfaces of your Chromebook.

Last precaution – NEVER spray any cleaning solution directly onto your Chromebook or any electronics for that matter. You should always apply the cleaning solution to a microfiber cloth and then apply it to the device to avoid any liquid getting into the device and causing damage.


    • Step 1 – Completely power down your Chromebook or unplug the power cord if you are cleaning a Chromebox.
    • Step 2 – Disconnect any cables or peripherals that are plugged into your Chromebook.
    • Step 3 – Use compressed air to remove larger pieces of dirt or dust that might be in your keyboard and ports. When using compressed air, only give it a few short bursts and never turn the can upside-down. If you have an extra cleaning cloth, you can also slightly dampen it with plain water and wipe down the device during this step. Make sure your cloth is only damp by wringing out the cloth of excess water.
    • Step 4 – Use the disinfectant wipe or apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol solution to the cleaning cloth and completely wipe down the entire Chromebook, including the screen and around each key of the keyboard. Use a small amount of pressure to remove any fingerprints or smudges on the screen, but not too much since this could damage the display.
    • Step 5 – After everything is dry, you can use a dry microfiber to buff the screen and remove any haze that might be lingering on the display from the disinfecting process.


Google Classroom

Classroom is a digital portal to each of your students classes and the primary way in which teachers communicate with students and make supplemental materials available.  To learn more about Classroom, please review the following video: How to Use Google Classroom for Parents

How to Login from a Browser

Step 1: Using a browser, navigate to:

Step 2: At the login screen (Figure 1), enter your Assumption School ID.
Students will generally have a    ID

Step 3: Enter your password
If you require a password reset, please e-mail

Step 4: A successful login will result in you getting to your Classroom Homepage – each individual class will have

Mobile Support for Google Classroom can be found in the Google Play and Apple App Store



Step 1: Using a browser, navigate to:

Step 2: At the login screen, enter your IXL ID.
Students will generally have a firstname_lastname@paterson   ID

Step 3: Enter your password (this is not the same password as your Google ID)
If you require a password reset, e-mail



Step 1: Using a browser, navigate to:

Step 2: At the login screen, enter your Assumption School ID


Pearson and McGraw Hill

Please reach out directly to the teacher for that specific class for your students login and password.


McGraw Hill Wonders (Pop Up Blocker Fix)

If you are trying to take online test through McGraw Hill Wonders and the page will not load the Chromebook most likely has the “Pop-Up Blocker” on.  To fix this……

Step 1: Go to the three dots at the top right of the tool bar.  Click

Step 2: Go to SETTINGS click

Step 3: Scroll down to ADVANCED click the drop down arrow


Step 5: Scroll down to SITE SETTINGS and click

Step 6: Scroll down to to POP UPD AND REDIRECTS and click

Step 7: Then click the small button on the right to allow

Step 8: Close out and go back to McGraw Hill Wonders and refresh your page